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A small niche consultancy, specialising in delivering technical consultancy to support all your business needs, from inception through delivery and into post live support.

Who are we?

We are a small consultancy, working in partnership with you and offering technical expertise covering a wide range of consultancy services, for the entire lifecycle of a project or delivery.

Why Us?

Unlike other larger consultancies, we don't have an array of clients and projects all running concurrently, which allows us to focus 100% on you and your business needs.

Why are we different?

We're not here to generate more work for our other consultants - unlike some other larger consultancies; we are simply here to help you meet your business objectives.

What makes us different?

We help your business to shape it's future.


Quality Assurance is must in today's modern businesses, that's why its the top of our list.


Flexibility is key to delivery; and being flexible is our biggest driver, as without it the project delivery is compromised.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service, because its this that makes our clients come back, time after time.


Being effective is a main driver to employ a consultancy, and hitting the ground running is key to being effective.


You can rely on us to be there when you need us not just when suits us; if we say we'll be there, then take it as read.


All our consultants are 100% vetted, as we wouldn't put anyone onsite that we wouldn't have on our own site.

Always on your terms

We are here to compliment your business.

Technical Consultancy

Our Technical Consultancy Services,
offer a wide range of skills including technical, integrations/interface design, system analysis, business expertise and process specialists to provide complete technical consultancy services which your business actually needs and that will actually help you through your current project or backlog of work.


Offering analysis services for Business, Technical, Systems, Data, Migration and Process Analysis.
Ensuring that nothing is missed during the whole project lifecycle, which in turn will ensure that the whole project experience runs as smoothly as possible, right from concept through to delivery and beyond.


Testing is key, and we recognise the importance of good testing, as such we offer Full Testing Analysis, Testing/QA Services and Testing Automation, to ensure only the best system deliveries are promoted to your live environment.
The better the testing the better the delivery.
Test, test and then test again...

Technical Project

Managing the entire project lifecycle, from inception to completion with technical project management expertise, SWOT analysis, RAID Logs, B2G Plans, RAG Status Reporting, Project Delivery and Management Information Reporting.

Solution Delivery
LifeCycle (SDLC)

Full Solution Delivery Life Cycle expertise, from concept through design, into delivery with post live cooldown and support; including experience in all modern lifecycle methodologies as well as full backlog management via ALM/TFS or JIRA.

Migration / OBOB

Whether its a full system migration or a new client on-boarding, we can offer migration specialists, providing data analysis, data profiling, data mapping, data quality and validation, de-duplication, ETL, full post migration reconciliations and support.

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alt67 offer a number of consultancy service, via a range of hand picked consultants, including Solution Design, Business Analysis, Technical Analysis, Coding, Migration (OB/OB), Project Management, QA/Testing Services (User Acceptance, System, Integration, Regression, Performance) and Issue Management.

We can offer the full spectrum of migration services, including On-Boarding, Off-Boarding, Data Analysis, Data Extraction, Data Lineage, ETL, Transformation, Staging, Load and Reconciliation.

Although we have many years experience in the Financial Sectors including Banking, Mortgages, Credit/Loan and Wealth Management; we can offer our services to any sector looking for generic services around Analysis, Project Management, Migration, Testing and Issue Management.

We can offer both, if your preferred supplier list is via an Agency or larger consultancy, we are happy to oblige; alternatively we are happy to engage direct with you or your end client

Yes, all our consultants are freelance in their own right; this gives us more flexibility with to meet your requirements, as we know that business priorities change and as such if your priorities change, we can adapt more easily.


Need to know more, then why not just contact obligation!

4 Ash Drive,
Stafford. ST18 9EU

+44 (0) 780 126 4199


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